18 January 2024

Four Regional NGOs to support 


Western Mauritius is known for its thriving NGO sector. If you want to help but don't know where to start, The West can help! Here are four NGOs making a major impact on the lives of the region’s inhabitants. 

Quartier de Lumière (QDL) 

Quartier de Lumière was established in 2006 to support twelve families of squatters. The association expanded its activities in 2010, launching an educational project for primary school children in the village of Valletta, where some of the families were living. This project went on to become La Ruche: a dynamic education and training centre where young people can also develop their artistic and creative qualities! Quartier de Lumière has trained several village leaders and launched a project to empower the adults of Valletta. Today, its mission is to provide the region’s poorest inhabitants with decent housing, education for their children, and to look after their general welfare.

How can you help? QDL is currently looking for volunteers with the following skills: permaculture and aquaponics, IT, entrepreneurship, public reading, and listening and written reporting for a project. 

  • W: www.quartierdelumiere.com
  • F: www.facebook.com/LaRuche.LaValette/ | www.facebook.com/QDL.LaValette/
  • T: +230 452 1727

Bambous Martial Arts Sports Club (BMA)

Affiliated with several international organisations including the World Muay Federation (WMF) and the World Karate Federation (WKF), the Bambous Martial Arts Sports Club offers free Muay Thai and Kun Khmer training sessions to people of all ages in Bambous and Flic en Flac. 

Training at BMA provides many physical and mental health benefits. Helping individuals to develop discipline, focus, and self-control, martial arts training can be a healthy outlet for those struggling with addiction, and contributes to reducing aggression by teaching peaceful conflict resolution and the avoidance of violence. Finally, it instils respect, integrity, and compassion: values that foster a sense of community and social responsibility! 

How can you help? BMA always needs equipment for combat sports (punch pads, focus mitts, gloves, shin, and head guards) but financial support so that students can participate in international competitions (air tickets, per diems etc.) is also very welcome. 

  • W: bmasports.org
  • T: +230 57137765
  • E: bmasports@live.com

Centre d’Amitié

Founded in 1987, the Centre d’Amitié offers care for children from vulnerable families in the Bambous region. This multi-purpose centre provides a safe environment for children aged 3 months to 6 years old, where they can learn, eat healthily, and develop the social and academic skills they will need as they enter primary school. Creative expression is also fostered through sports and art activities, as is learning about citizenship! Providing care for these children makes it possible for parents to work to meet the financial needs of the household. 

How can you help? Centre d'Amitié welcomes donations of school equipment and educational games, tables and chairs, nappies and milk for babies, as well as clothes for all ages. The Centre’s greatest need is the means to provide participants with a hot meal, as many children arrive at school hungry and cannot learn or socialise on an empty stomach. 

  • E: centredamitie@gmail.com 
  • T: +230 5857 1878 / +230 5710 3218


Chrysalide was created in 2004 following a UNICEF survey that highlighted a hidden population – the female victims of drugs. The association welcomes women suffering from substance abuse and their families, with the combined aims of treatment, rehabilitation, and family, social, and economic reintegration. 

The residential programme, lasting from six to nine months, offers psychological and educational support in the first phase, with counselling sessions and practical responsibilities for each participant. In the second phase, the women are supported as they reintegrate into the wider community, through vocational training, preparation for job interviews, and assistance in finding employment and housing. "A person who has been treated and reintegrated into the labour market becomes a valuable asset to the community because of her contribution to the country's economy," says a spokesperson for the NGO, which stresses the positive impact of reintegration on families and civil order. 

How can you help? Chrysalide needs regular supplies of material and equipment (paint, benches, and chairs...) but the association also welcomes volunteers to lead workshops with the residents and for painting and landscaping work. 

  • T: +230 452 5509
  • E: crysalid@intnet.mu

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