12 January 2024

The West, a welcoming land of opportunity for businesses in 2024


Whether prompted by the desire to start a new life in the sun or by a business opportunity, many entrepreneurs are choosing to relocate their company, or part of its operations, to Mauritius... more specifically, to the island’s West Coast! Here are a few of the reasons why. 

Relocate your business? Yes, to the West Coast of Mauritius!

The West of Mauritius combines the best of both worlds: an attractive business sector and a fulfilling living environment. From Flic-en-Flac via Cascavelle to Black River, the West is the perfect place to start a new adventure, be it personal or professional. Beyond its beautiful landscapes (more on that later!), the region offers the comfort and balanced lifestyle that allows residents to make the most of their dream of daily life in Mauritius.  

Working on the West Coast

With easy access to the country's major roads, the West Coast has great connections to the capital Port Louis, with its dynamic business hub, and to Phoenix, one of the country's busiest commercial destinations. The Flic-en-Flac bypass, scheduled for delivery in 2025, will soon make the region even more accessible. This direct access allows Mauritian and foreign companies based there to benefit from the labour pool that centres around the heart of the island, further reinforcing the West’s attractiveness.

Business centres, such as the Cascavelle Business Park, offer a prime working environment: excellent connectivity, direct access from the coast and the central zone, good public transport links, modern, comfortable offices... All of this provides an attractive proposition for many professionals, creating a thriving community of entrepreneurs. 

The West's offer to businesses is complemented by numerous amenities: schools for all ages, nurseries to look after small children, gyms where the day can start off on the right foot (such as SPARC, the largest multi-sport complex in the region), and services that will meet all your daily needs, from supermarkets and pharmacies to shops of all kinds... In other words, you’ll find all the ingredients you need to build a life that’s the way you want it to be!

Living on the West Coast

A good working environment must also offer all the creature comforts you need to help you recharge your batteries. The West has that well and truly covered! Its wild landscapes are a daily source of wonder and a majestic playground for sportsmen and nature lovers. Hiking, trail running, jogging... there is no shortage of ways to decompress and replenish your energy reserves in the heart of this untamed land.

Choosing the West of Mauritius is also a way to enjoy living by the sea. From Flic-en-Flac to Le Morne, the ocean and the lagoon shimmer in a spectacular range of shades of blue, inviting you to live out a thousand and one experiences: snorkeling or scuba diving to discover the local fauna and flora; boat trips to observe whales or dolphins, deep-sea fishing or a sunset cruise; surfing and paddleboarding for those who love to glide across the water; or simply enjoying the sand and the sea, paddling in the lagoon’s clear waters, which remain warm year round – a pleasure that never loses its appeal!

Last but by no means least, the West Coast is defined by its warm and authentic lifestyle. After a busy day at the office, take your colleagues for a game of padel at SPARC, a drink at Bistrot de Marius, or a gourmet meal at the Korean restaurant Kogi Kogi. It's a great opportunity to talk about your day, or a chance to do a little networking to develop your business!

Relocating your business to Mauritius: reasons to take the plunge

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Mauritius may be its hotels and dynamic tourism industry, but many other sectors actively contribute to the country's economic growth. In addition to the services boosted by the tourism boom Mauritius has experienced over the past few decades, the construction sector (to give just one example) is flourishing. With a focus on luxury real estate for foreign buyers, Mauritian construction is booming: this sector accounts for nearly three-quarters of foreign direct investment (FDI).

Other stand-out areas of activity include financial services (fund managers, accountants, and other players in this sector with extensive international experience will find their niche very easily!), new technologies, health, and logistics.

The Economic Development Board – the national agency for the economic development of Mauritius, under the umbrella of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development – offers a list of the most dynamic sectors in the Mauritian economy on its website, suggesting measures to attract foreign companies that operate in those fields.

Mauritius also has a buoyant economy and a stable political situation, an enviable position in many international rankings, a hybrid legal system that combines English common law and the French civil code, membership of international organisations (SADC, COMESA, the African Union, etc.), a bilingual population…

All this is before we mention the tax advantages introduced by the Mauritian government that encourage the inflow of foreign capital and boost the nation’s economy. From the universal tax rate of 15% (there is an additional social levy of 2% for companies) to the double taxation treaties between Mauritius and many other nations, particularly in Europe and Africa, and free repatriation for dividends, capital, and profits, it is easy to understand why companies are attracted to Mauritius!

Faced with so many appealing possibilities and benefits, it’s not surprising that many European or South African entrepreneurs have been tempted to relocate their businesses or become expatriates in Mauritius.

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